No. No. No. FUCK

publishedabout 3 years ago
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I am not Ok.

I've been meaning to start this newsletter for months, and I wanted it to be perfect. I've written a bunch of drafts planning how I wanted it to be. But you know what? FUCK THAT. It will never be perfect, and the only time I have is right now.

An actual sociopath is in the White House, hundreds of thousands of people are dead because of him and his lies, the air where I live in California is filled with smoke. I can't go home to see my family because of the pandemic, I can't even go outside because of the fires. And now this...

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died. I am heartbroken. She was a warrior hero for all of us. This is exactly what I feared on the night of Nov. 8, 2016, as I held my friends and sobbed underneath a bar after hearing the election results roll in. That he would be in charge of choosing the judges that controlled how we live our lives. Our bodies. Our futures. (I am sobbing again.)

This newsletter was supposed to be a fun way to talk about and commiserate on the abysmal state of datingAND I SHIT YOU NOT, AS I WAS WRITING THIS VERY SENTENCE A FUCKING EARTHQUAKE JUST SHOOK MY ENTIRE APARTMENT FOR... A LONG TIME AND I WAS CONVINCED IT WAS THE END.

Proof of earthquake

Everything is surreal. Am I awake or dreaming? Who the fuck knows.

Look, all I wanted to tell you is THERE IS A FELIPE IN CHARGE OF THE COUNTRY, a Felipe-in-Chief, if you will, AND WE NEED TO GET HIM OUT!

That's why I've been hand-writing 10 letters a day to people in swing-states like Texas, Ohio, and Florida reminding them to vote with an organization called Vote Forward.

I was actually writing letters when my friend texted me the news about RBG.

Here is a dorky video I recorded on IGTV giving you a primer:

This is an incredible way to help change the outcome of the election because we can't physically go knock on doors right now, and phone banking? Who answers a call from a number they don't know? Not me.

But do people open hand-addressed, handwritten letters that they get in the IRL mail? Heck yes. And BONUS: it's helping save the USPS at the same time!

If this strategy interests you, I'm going to host a virtual letter-writing party on Sunday, Sept. 27 at 3:30 p.m. PST. To join, sign up to be a part of Vote Forward today (you gotta be approved beforehand) and then click here:

BTW, I'm just assuming anyone on my newsletter list is cool af and already registered to vote, but if you aren't or need to check your registration, you can do so at

*One more idea, if the above actions don't interest you, donate to Jaime Harrison's campaign to freak out Lindsey Graham, who's the Judiciary chair. If we scare him enough, maybe he won't push for a confirmation vote. 🤞 🙏

**And finally, if you haven't watched AOC's pep talk, I urge you to do so right now! It's the push I needed to send you this email.

Ok, that's all. I promise the next newsletter won't be so cRaZy (have I been drinking whiskey? Yes.) and will include Felipe submissions I haven't posted on Instagram (I hope! Who knows, maybe we'll all be swallowed by the apocalypse.) Thank you, I love you! 💋



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